Power People - Manpower Services for the Turkish Power Generation Sector
           Mechanical Engineer - Turkey Power Plant

                        Location: Turkey                          
                           Salary:  Euro 35/hr - 50 hrs/week                                               
                      Company: TBA                       
                      Job Type:  Contract                         
                        Duration: Est. 8 - 10 months
                        Rotation: 13 weeks on / 2 weeks off
                     Start Date:  September 2017
                  Date Posted: 3 August 2017             
             Job Description: Working with the Owner's Engineer on CCGT Power Plant
                                          construction project. Oversee erection and commissioning works          
                                          including gas turbine, steam turbine, HRSG, balance of plant
                                          systems, fire fighting, HVAC, water treatment.                
                          Benefits: Hotel or Furnished Apartment / Transport /
                                          Health insurance / Flights / Perdiem.
                 Requirements:Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
                                          Extensive power plant construction and commissioning
                                          Good command of English ( written / spoken).
If you would like to be considered for this role, email your CV to careers@power-people.co or click here including Mechanical Engineer - Turkey Power Plant in the message title.

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