Power People - Manpower Services for the Turkish Power Generation Sector
                  Operations Supervisors CCGT Power Plant - Middle East

                        Location: Middle East                     
                           Salary:  DOE                                               
                      Company: Power Generation Resources                        
                      Job Type:  Contract                         
                        Duration: 9 months est.
                        Rotation: 13 weeks on / 2 weeks off
                     Start Date:  April 2018
                  Date Posted:  7 March 2018             
             Job Description: Review / adjust plant operation procedures / enter daily logbook /
                                          pre-operational checks on power plant / system walk downs 
                                          /support contractual tests / troubleshoot operational issues / 
                                          coordinate plant operations / collect operations and test data / 
                                          support system pre-commissioning and commissioning / 
                                          supervise LOTO activities
                         Benefits:  Attractive salary / Accommodation / Transport /   
                                          / Flights
                 Requirements:Diploma in Mech. or Elec. Engineering or equivalent experience
                                          F class Combined Cycle Power Plant operations experience                                          
                                          Previous CCGT commissioning and operations experience
                                          Excellent communications and interpersonal skills
                                          Good level written and spoken English
If you would like to be considered for this role, email your CV to careers@power-people.co or click here including Operations Supervisor CCGT Power Plant - Middle East in the message title.

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