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               PGT25 Gas Turbine Installation Technical Advisor - Turkey

                        Location: Turkey                            
                       Company: TBA
                       Job Type: Contract                      
                       Duration:  9 to 12 months ( perhaps longer ) 
             Working hours:  TBA 
                        Rotation:  TBA

                     Start Date: March 2018
                        Benefits: Attractive salary / Camp Accommodation / 
                                        vacation flights
                 Date Posted:  28 February 2018             
                         Project:  Pipeline

        Plant Description:  PGT gas turbine mechanical drive.

             Project Scope:  Supervision of gas turbine installation. 

         Job Description:  Manage the installation works on the gas turbine / Supervise the 
                                       installation crew / Provide technical expertise on turbine installation
                                       / Check clearances / Review manufacturer's specifications and
                                        confirm correct installation / Foundation checks / Turbine
                                        Alignment / Installation reports etc.

               Requirements: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent experience.
                                         Extensive gas turbine installation experience 
                                         Previous PGT25 or GE aero-derivative installation experience
                                         Fluent in written and spoken English.
                                         Excellent interpersonal and communications skills.

If you would like to be considered for this role, email your CV to careers@power-people.co or click here including PGT25 Gas Turbine Installation Technical Advisor - Turkey in the message title.

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