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                 Electrical QAQC Inspector - Oil & Gas Factory - San Antonio, Texas

                       Company: TBA                
                       Job Type: Contract                      
                       Duration:  2 months (approx.) 
             Working hours:  55 per week (Monday to Friday / Half day Saturday)
                     Start Date:  ASAP
           Job Description: Electrical Quality Control and Quality Assurance on the assembly
                                        of oil & gas plant skids in a factory environment. The skids consist
                                        of piping, valves, filters, vessel and associated control and power 
                                        wiring. Verify that the electrical work is in accordance with the   
                                        manufacturer's and end user's technical specifications ( verify 
                                        wiring in accordance with diagrams, insulation resistance
                                        checked, electrical continuity checks etc.), verify conformance
                                        with electrical codes and standards, quality assurance plan, 
                                        inspection and test plan (ITP), verify all QAQC documentation is 
                                        correct and complete.

               Requirements: Previous experience in an electrical / I&C QAQC role
                                         Familiar with interpreting engineering drawings, procedures etc.
                                         Diploma / Certificate in Electrical Engineering ( preferred )
                                         Some mechanical QAQC knowledge ( desirable )
                                         Fluent in written and spoken English.

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