Power Generation Resources - Company Message
            Manufacturing Expeditor - Synchronous Generators - Birmingham, UK
Power Generation Resources is interested in speaking with a Production Expeditor with regard to a project assignment in the Birmingham area.
                      Company: TBA                
                       Job Type: Contract
                       Duration:  3 months (est.)
                       Package:  £177 per day plus expenses
                      Location:   Birmingham, UK
                     Start Date:  November 2018
           Role Description: Production Expeditor required for a synchronous generator 
                                          manufacturing facility. Check the supplier BOM (bill of materials)
                                          to ensure that all the listed items are in the workshop. Check that
                                          assembly / production activities are going according to schedule. 
                                          Verify the number of resources assigned, working hours per shift,
                                          single shift / double shift, working days per week. Alert the client 
                                          of any potential issues or roadblocks. Provide a daily report by 
                                          email. Provide a weekly report based on an agreed template. 
                                          Participate in conference calls with the client. Visit the facility to 
                                          check on progress once or twice a day.
               Requirements: Previous experience in a manufacturing environment.
                                         Good basic understanding of engineering production processes.
                                         Excellent communications and interpersonal skills
                                         Good IT skills ( Word, Excel etc. )                                       
                                         Has own transport
                                         Diploma in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering ( preferred )
If you would like to be considered for this role, email your CV to careers@power-people.co or click here including Expeditor - Birmingham in the message title.


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