Power Generation Resources - Company Message
    GT/ST Turbine Mechanical Engineer - CCGT Power Plant Overhaul - Cork, Ireland
                      Company: Power Generation Resources
                       Job Type: Contract                      
                       Duration:  10 months approx.
                       Location:  Cork
                    Start Date:  Nov 2018
                        Benefits: An attractive package is available for this position.
                 Date Posted:  12 October 2018             
           Job Description:  Gas Turbine / Steam Turbine lead mechanical engineer for the 
                                          planning and execution of turbine major overhauls on a CCGT 
                                          power plant / Supervision of the centerline contractor /      
                                          Responsible for the planning and procurement of overhaul works
                                          outside of the centerline contractor's scope - auxiliaries, 
                                          condenser etc. / Develop work packages / Prepare tender 
                                          specification / Evaluation of contractor bids / Placement of 
                                          contracts / Procure spare parts, services such as scaffolding, 
                                          lagging etc. / Outage planning including permits, safety, method 
                                          statements and risk assessments / Scheduling  / Cost control / 
                                          Reporting / Work with the Safety Advisor to ensure that the 
                                          works are performed in accordance with statutory safety and 
                                          environmental regulations.
               Requirements: Planning power plant overhauls, scheduling, procurement
                                         Overhaul management as Owner's engineer / Project Engineer
                                         Maintenance of gas turbines, steam turbines and auxiliaries
                                         Computer skills
                                         Excellent interpersonal and communications skills.
                                         Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent ( desirable )

If you would like to be considered for this role, email your CV to careers@power-   people.co or click here including  GT/ST Lead Mech - Cork  in the message title.


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