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                 Gas Turbine QA Engineer - Installations / Maintenance

Power Generation Resources is interested in speaking with a Gas Turbine QA Engineer with regard to potential project assignments in Algeria.

                      Company: TBA                
                       Job Type: Contract                      
                       Duration:  Potential long term role
                      Location:  Algeria
                     Start Date:  TBA
           Job Description: Gas Turbine / Rotating Equipment Maintenance- Quality
                                         Assurance on oil & gas plants / Prepare inspection shutdown
                                         materials and spare parts / Ensure inspection is carried out in 
                                         accordance with Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) and QA Plan / 
                                         Collect all opening measurements from turbine technicians / 
                                         Record opening measurements & clearances, alignment data etc.
                                         in QC forms / Collect and file component inspection forms - reuse
                                         - repair - replace etc. / Collate final QA Report / Verify all QAQC 
                                         documentation is correct and complete. 

            Job Description: Gas Turbine / Compressor Installation Quality
                                         Assurance on oil & gas plants / Prepare installation quality
                                         documents incl. QA plan / Ensure installation is carried out in 
                                         accordance with Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) and QA Plan / 
                                         Collect all final measurements from turbine technicians incl.
                                         alignment data, foundation bolt measurements, clearances, bolt 
                                         torques, lube oil flush screen cleanliness, electrical megger 
                                         insulation readings, continuity tests, cold and hot commissioning
                                         tests etc. / Ensure all data is recorded as required by the QA plan
                                         / Collate final QA Report / Verify all QAQC documentation is
                                         correct and complete. 

Requirements:                Previous experience as QAQC on rotating equipment shutdowns 
                                         or installations
                                         General Electric Equipment Experience
                                         Gas Turbine / Rotating Equipment maintenance or installation                         
                                         Diploma / Certificate in Mechanical Engineering ( preferred )
                                         Fluent in written and spoken English.

                           Please include Algeria QAQC in the message subject.

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