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    T3000 Gas Turbine Controls Engineer - CCGT Power Plant - Dublin, Ireland
                      Company: Power Generation Resources
                       Job Type: Contract                      
                       Duration:  11 months approx.
                       Location:  Dublin
                    Start Date:  Nov 2018
                        Benefits: An attractive package is available for this position.
                 Date Posted:  18 October 2018             
           Job Description:  Provide support during the controls system upgrade of a V94.2
                                          gas turbine from Teleperm XP to T3000 / Engineering advice 
                                          during the design review process / Support the editing of the 
                                          technical specification / Liaise with the contractor re technical 
                                          clarifications / Review the existing TXP turbine control logics to 
                                          facilitate comparison with the T3000 system / Verify that the new
                                          software retains the control functionality of the TXP system
                                          ( logic, trips, interfaces etc.) / Oversee the contractor's work so 
                                          as to ensure that their contractual obligations are met / Attend 
                                          FATs for the verification of the new software / Supervise the 
                                          installation and commissioning of the new control system / Assist
                                          with the development of ITPs / Provide written reports on 
               Requirements:  Extensive T3000 system installation commissioning experience
                                          Experience with TXP system ( access logics diagrams etc.)
                                          Gas turbine control system commissioning (loop / function 
                                          checks etc.)
                                          Gas turbine generator commissioning and start-up experience
                                          Previous experience of a controls upgrade from TXP to T3000
                                          Excellent interpersonal and communications skills.
                                          Degree in Instrumentation / Controls Engineering ( desirable )
If you would like to be considered for this role, email your CV to careers@power-people.co or click here including T3000 - Dublin in the message title.


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