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About Power Generation Resources

At Power Generation Resources, we know all about power plants and our team has over twenty five years international experience in the power generation area.

Our experience includes:

thermal power plants

simple and combined cycle gas turbine plants

wind and other renewable power plants

The Power Generation Resources team has worked on numerous power plant projects, providing construction management and supervision services, and so is intimately familiar with power project manpower needs. The benefit to our clients is that we know what to look for when sourcing managers, supervisors and technicians for projects.

In particular, we have specialist experience in the area of candidate sourcing and recruitment for projects. This means that we know how to help our clients build an appropriately skilled team for power generation projects.

The Power Generation Resources team has gained the trust and confidence of major international OEMs such as General Electric and Siemens for whom we have provided field services manpower support for many years.

Knowing that your manpower need is in the hands of experienced and trusted professionals will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on other priorities.

You can get in touch with Power Generation Resources at

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