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LM6000 - MS5000 - MS6000 Gas Turbine Training for Operators - USA

Company: TBA

Job Type: Contract

Duration: 4 to 6 weeks estimated

Start Date: November 2018

Benefits: Attractive salary / Accommodation /

                Transport / Perdiem

Date Posted: 16 November 2018

Job Description: Provide on the job (OJT) general familiarity training to LM6000,

                             MS5000 & MS6000 gas turbine operators.The course scope

                             should include the following:

- An overview of each gas turbine system ( e.g. start, lubrication, hydraulic, cooling

air, anti-surge, electrical, fuel, vibration, voltage control, generator protection etc.).

- System operation

- Alarms - Troubleshooting / Resetting

- System maintenance

- Identify system components as per P&ID

- Explain the function / operation of each system component

Requirements: Power Plant Operations / Commissioning experience.

                          Previous experience on Operator Training.

                          Experience on LM6000 or Frame 5, 6 gas turbines

                          Able to provide own training materials.

                          Excellent interpersonal and communications skills.

If you would like to be considered for this role, email your CV to or click here including LM6000 Frame 5/6 Training in the message title.

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